Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Great Outdoors

Make no mistake, Americans are spending more time at home to work, to play, and to entertain close family and friends. The love of the outdoor living can also be interrupted by the sounds of summer insect activity. With a few timely garden products and surprisingly little retail cost, you can protect yourself and others so you can enjoy the great outdoors on your patio, deck, or yard. Bonide Chemical is a great specialty chemical company, which is why many of these garden and home problems have an easy solution. 

Home Protection - Snakes

Step right this way to your outdoor seating or dining space and enjoy what your five senses relay to you for the moment. Did you know that all five are connected to develop your perception to your brain? Animals differ in what is the first sense to react. Sight and sound are arguably the first senses we react to. Think about seeing a swarm of bees heading your way or flies and mosquitoes buzzing your ear. You’re going to react. You might not hear a snake sneaking up on you, but your eyes might see telltale signs of snakeskin that was shed along wood piles, a patio or even the siding of your house. Bonide Snake Stopper #875 uses a potent blend of all-natural ingredients like clove oil, cinnamon oil, cedar oil, and sulfur to repel snakes without harming children and pets. Most snake repellents use the active sulfur which irritates their skin. An ammonia spray is a home remedy used as a spray option which snakes smell and flee.

Home Protection - Carpenter Bees

For anyone who has a wood deck, it doesn’t take long to hear the hum and buzz of carpenter bees looking to drill holes into your patio oasis. Did you know that dryer sheets rubbed onto your clothes can repel carpenter bees? Pinterest said it…it must be true! There are a few carpenter bee traps and controls that work. Bonide makes a Termite and Carpenter Ant Aerosol #370 that is labelled for Carpenter Bees. 

Home Protection - The Common House Fly

With extreme heat comes the onslaught of flies. They favor decaying matter, feces, spoiled fruit, sugary liquids like soda and alcohol to feast upon. Try you best to keep areas clean as possible and remove foodstuffs with a stream from the garden hose and recommended cleaner for your desired surface. Cinnamon is a natural repellent that its smell drives fly away. Works wonders indoors and smells nice. Just about every insect spray control is labelled for outdoor use only. There are numerous fly traps that work effortlessly in using an attractant and sticky surface that prevents flies from escaping. Rescue makes tremendous trap products for fly control. These products work best in areas that have little to no heavy winds. Ensure placement is beyond the reach of pets and children. Please refer to our retail catalog on pages 187 & 188 for Rescue products.

Home Protection - The Carpenter Ant & Termite

These insects are the most devastating of all subterranean creatures. They are hard to observe by sight and make no sound, but their trail of sawdust, tunneling grooves on woodwork and beams, and occasional swarms near baseboards are tell tale signs. You can prevent and protect your home and property by using specific products with these insects listed on the label for indoor and outdoor home use like the Bonide Termite & Carpenter Ant spray #371. Inspect wood surfaces on decks by lightly tapping soft woodwork. If it sounds hollow, I would encourage a second look. Once they are present, you are committed to calling a licensed exterminator to eradicate the trail, nest, and treat the infestation thoroughly. If it compromises structural integrity, they have been there awhile.

Home Protection - The Spider

Okay, okay, I know that spiders are beneficial and eat bad guys, but geez! I have seen some incredible size to these recently around the home and they must be eating a lot of insects. Outdoors, keep a watchful eye for webbings from gazebos, trellis, lanterns, tree limbs and fencing. Remove them and you can treat outdoor residence areas with numerous sprays and dusts. Diatomaceous earth has been used indoors for many years to control crawling insects including spiders. The Bonide Household Insect Control #530, Total Release Fogger #685, and Spider & Ground Bee Killer #363 are all labelled for indoor usage. Whew! Once your done, its time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends!

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