Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Time of the Season

The Zombies, a rock group from the sixties, brought these words alive in their music. Summer has arrived finally. Spending more of your time outside brings more awareness on certain conditions in the garden that might need your attention. Here are some newer products and treatments for those common insect problems in the summer, while using some well-known song titles to get us moving.

It’s My Party

Your backyard party might get interrupted by the movement of ants. Among the tiniest of insects, the ant is an annoying pest that is working hard to bug you. Foundation cracks and crevices provide breeding grounds for ants to enter the home from the outside. While these ants are visible, it’s what we don’t see taking place that is the problem; The colony is getting larger by the day. The summer is a good time to inspect and treat outdoor ant problems. There are specific treatments from home pest sprays to ant dusts for indoor and outdoor use. One of the best preventive ways to combat the indoor ant is by using Liquid Ant Trap bait which attracts and kills ants by providing treated food that is gathered and returned to the colony for sharing.

The Boys Are Back in Town

One of the prolific insects of summer is the dreaded Japanese Beetle. The adult stage of the grub emerges and spends its cycle eating flowers and leaves on your favorite plants and mating. When the times comes to return to the soil and lay eggs, you have fewer options to treat. When visible in the garden, you can treat large areas by attracting and trapping these beetles in the popular Jap Beetle trap. Spray-to-kill methods need your accurate targeting along with specific chemistry to ensure effectiveness. Neem oil has been one of the better products on the store shelf known to help repel the Jap beetle. If you choose to kill the beetle using a spray that can be used on ornamentals, roses, flowers, and fruits, my recommendation is to use one of the very best products available, Monterey Bug Buster II. This product can be used to treat the “other boys” like fleas, ticks, ants, cicadas, and chewing pests including the tomato hornworm.

Summertime Blues

The smallest of nuisance flying insects is the mosquito. Weather conditions nationwide have become wetter and warmer and the spread of the Asian Tiger mosquito includes even northern climates where it can withstand cold winters. Today’s spray treatment doesn’t bring back memories of running through the spray fog of a county worker’s truck through the city streets, but there are some environmentally friendly products you can use at home. Barrier repellents offer excellent protection when you need it during outdoor activity. Everguard Tick & Mosquito repellent is a recently introduced product that can last up to 4 weeks. Neptune Harvest offers a Biting Insect repellent that can be applied directly to children’s skin or clothing. It doesn’t contain DEET and provides relief against flies, ticks, green heads, and chiggers.

Summer Products for Your Store

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